Bulletin for the Week of August 1, 2021

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Living with Christ Daily Mass Missals

Have you ever considered purchasing your own subscription to Living with Christ Daily Missals?

Think of Living with Christ as your spiritual Companion- simple, reverent, small enough for your pocket or purse, rooted solidly in Scripture and Catholic tradition, attuned to daily life.

For just $45 dollars a year you will receive a new missal each month.

Each missal includes:

  • Complete Scripture readings for every day of the week
  • All prayers of the Mass
  • Calendar  of the Saints with highlights from their lives
  • A bright colour-coded Liturgical Calendar
  • Suggested forms of the Prayers of the Faithful

For subscription or for more information, please call Mike at 613-899-9925.

Deadline July 30, 2021






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Bulletin for the Week of July 25, 2021

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Catholic Christian Outreach

Alexandra McGann spoke at our parish in 2019. She is looking for financial partnership in order to continue her ministry at Catholic Christian Outreach. Please watch the video to learn more!  https://youtu.be/l3Tfz15Ulak

She can be contacted at 613-720-4466 or by email at alexandra.mcgann@cco.ca

You can also visit her giving page to read more about her by clicking on this link: https://cco.ca/missionaries/alexandra-mcgann/



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Bulletin for the Week of July 18, 2020

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Mass Requests

Anyone wishing to request a Mass is asked to call the office at 613-257-1284, during office hours (Tuesdays- Fridays from 9 to 2 pm) to make their request.  We have spots available.

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Step Three of the Gradual Reopening of Ontario

As you know, the provincial government has announced that the province will move to Step Three of the gradual re-opening of Ontario on July 16, 2021, at 12:01 am. Under Step Three, the capacity for indoor and outdoor religious rites or ceremonies, weddings, and funerals, is restricted to that which maintains physical distancing of 2 metres.

Parishes are encouraged to continue to exercise care and observe protocols in the interest of health and safety.

  1. Wear face masks (unless exempted)
  2. Use hand sanitizer at the entrance of the church.
  3. Social distance
  4. Cleaning Protocols
  5. Contact tracing is recommended by local health units but is not a requirement.


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Bulletin for the Week of July 11, 2021

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Bulletin for Week of July 4, 2021

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Update on the family our parish is helping….

Hello Parishioners,
I wanted to provide an update to all of you on the great work our parish is doing to support a local family in need.  We are one of a few churches that have been providing meals to a family of 6 living in a motel.  The family has been in the motel for almost 9 months after fleeing an unsafe environment and has been struggling to find housing.   With only a microwave, crockpot and bar size fridge, the hot meals our parish prepares for them on Fridays and Saturdays are extremely helpful.  I wanted to share this grateful communication from the family with you.
If you are interested in providing a meal, please email me at bibbit55@gmail.com and I will put your name on my list and contact you as needed with the appropriate information.
Thank you, all of you that have already assisted, as you can see from their note below, your efforts are having a profound effect on the members of this family.
Please keep them in your prayers.
Liz Glover
Outreach Program
Note from the family.
“I wanted to take a few moments to thank everyone for all the help we have received from each and every one who has made our situation much more tolerable in every way. From hot home meals, gift cards, kind notes of encouragement and more. 
Never in my life did I imagine myself or my children without a home yet we find ourselves grateful to be where we are and with so much support. We are trying to patiently await safe and affordable housing. We had to leave our home because we were not safe, leaving us with nowhere to go and with very little tangibles from our past life. Victim Services and Lanark County housing are working to get us a safe home however due to COVID shut downs and a housing crisis we have been in a hotel (myself and my 5 children) almost 9 months. 
Here we are safe and that is our first priority. It has been a huge adjustment but with all the help we have received to date it has been tolerable and we are both humbled by your kindness as well as so appreciative. 
As a single mother paying for a hotel is a financial burden to say the least making it a massive struggle to move ahead or find affordable lodging. We know that in time with love and patience that good things are ahead but would greatly appreciate any help finding affordable and safe living accommodations. If anyone is aware of any rental units in Almonte, Beckwith, Carleton Place area (It’s imperative for my children to be in their school district for stability and more importantly the schools are very aware of the situation my children have been through as well as having safety measures in place) we are in need of a 3 bedroom + and can afford 1500 or so a month in rent. We have 2 dogs whom are in foster care awaiting coming home and my children miss them.”
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