Procedures for Coming Back to Mass June 20-21, 2020

To all those coming to back to Mass this weekend-  coming to church will look a little different than usual  at St. Mary’s so we ask that you please follow the instructions of the Ushers/ Ministers of hospitality. We are doing our best to ensure that all sanitizing and social distancing standards are met.This means you may not be able to sit where you normally sit, or you may have to wait to be seated etc.  We thank you in advance for your patience.


Ushers/ Ministers of hospitality

 Usher Captains must and undergo a temperature check prior to entering the church. If the individual’s temperature is at

or above (>37.8 C oral or >37.5 C forehead) or they show ANY compatible symptoms, they must not enter the church and are asked to seek medical help.


  • Usher captains at each Mass are to ensure that all tasks are reviewed and performed. They need

1)      to survey the church to ensure that all slip, trip and fall hazards are identified and     corrected.

2)      to check that all cleaning and sanitizing measures have been adhered to.

3)      to check that all entrance and exit doors are in normal working condition.

4)      to check that all signage is adequately displayed and all social distancing measures are functional ie. pew closures, floor markings, signage, etc.


  • Ushers should report to their captains at the sacristy door 1/2 hour before Mass (5 p.m. Mass- Gary O’Meara, 9 a.m. Mass- Keith Nephin, 11 a.m. Mass- Bill Bowman) and must undergo a temperature check prior to entering the church. If the individual’s temperature is at or above (>37.8 C oral or >37.5 C forehead) or they show ANY compatible symptoms, they must not enter the church and are asked to seek medical help. Temperatures will be recorded by the captains.


  • Ushers must wear disposable gloves and masks, which will be provided by the church. Ushers are free to use their personal masks if they prefer. Sanitizers are stored in the janitorial room while gloves and masks are stored in the sacristy.


  • Ushers are needed in the following areas:

1)      2 ushers at the church entrances to remind parishioners to sanitize their hands, (you may have to spray sanitizer into their hands- please spray from the side so as not to spray their clothes) to remind parishioners to follow the social distancing lines on the floor and to let them know that two other ushers will seat them when they get to the church entrance. Family seating is reserved for the area on the outskirts of the church.

2)      4 ushers to assist with the seating of parishioners and at Communion time to ensure people are not crowded together. (4 chairs between household/family groups)  Please only seat people in the rows marked in green tape, beginning at the front of the church. Ask that they move to the far end of the row. These ushers should also show the parishioners the location of the collection baskets just inside the church and show them the “AMEN” line at the church entrance where they are to stand and say Amen before moving forward and receiving Communion.

3)      2 ushers will be seated at the back of the church to monitor the bathrooms to ensure that only one person uses the facilities at a time unless they are from the same household. Bathrooms must be sanitized after each use (gloves masks and disinfectants as well as a cleaning in progress sign are provided in the vestibule between the two washrooms.

4)      2 ushers to monitor the collection baskets. After Mass make sure that the baskets are brought to Fr. for safe keeping.

Church Entrances

  • Church doors will remain open, weather permitting, if not then ushers will open the doors for the parishioners so they don’t have to touch the door handles.
  • Families residing in the same household and individuals should be seated in pews so that there is two metres (six feet) of space between them and next family/individual  seated.
  • Try to seat families in one area with plenty of space for them.
  • Remember to skip every other row when seating people. There is green tape on the rows that can be used for seating. Please do not seat people on the end of the rows. Those chairs that cannot be used are taped off with orange tape.

Communion and Exiting

  • Communion will take place after the Blessing at the exits of the church. When Fr. Cosmas and Fr. Cyril are in place in the entrance to the church, the ushers will then signal the parishioners to approach them for communion starting with the parishioners seated at the back of the church- one row on the left followed by one row on the right until all parishioners have left the church.
  • Ushers must ensure that the 6 foot distances are maintained in the line up to Communion.
  • Remind parishioners to stop at the “AMEN” line on the floor and only after saying AMEN move forward to receive Communion.

 Sick Parishioners

If an usher notices that someone is demonstrating visible signs of COVID 19 including, but not limited to cough, dizziness, fatigue, shortness of breath, aching muscles, confusion – that person and any related parishioner should be asked to leave and seek medical treatment in a tactful way.

The usher should not attempt to lift or help the parishioner in any way. If the parishioner is too sick to move, the paramedics should be called at 911.

Sanitizing the church between Masses

Sanitizing of the Church before/after mass will not be manually done but rather by fogging. We have the equipment. The coordinators and Usher captains will take a lead on that. Please check with your captain to see if your help is needed before leaving.

Again, we thank everyone in advance for all your work and for your patience.


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