Parishioner needs help

One of our parishioners, Mandy Mulvihill, a 37-year-old mom of 5, has in recent months been diagnosed with a rare neurological disease called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). This disease causes severe pain, poor muscle contractions and spasms in her toes, foot, and calf, resulting in her toes curling under her foot (dystonia) and muscle atrophy from not using her leg properly. Due to the lack of CRPS expertise in Ottawa, she has been referred to a CRPS specialist in Vaughan, Ontario to undergo treatment every ten weeks. Much of the treatment which seems to help and bring relief is not covered by their private insurance and is therefore causing financial hardship on the family and they are not able to afford some of the therapies such as physiotherapy and aqua-therapy.

Ongoing Expenses:

Transit to Vaughan, ON (every 10 weeks): $242.10

Botox(every 10 weeks): $275

Lidocaine(every 10 weeks): $60

Lodging in Vaughan, ON (every 10 weeks): $230 per night average, plus meals 

Physiotherapy: $200 per session (2-3 times per week), approx. $20,000 per year

Acqua-therapy: $350 per week, approx: $17,500 total

They have set up a Go Fund Me account with a goal of $50,000. To date, they have received $784.33.

Any help you are able to offer is greatly appreciated. The link to the Go Fund Me Account is


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