The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

Companions on the Journey
Dear brothers and sisters, the Eucharist celebrates a wonderful event- the gift which Jesus made of his life on our behalf. In the Eucharist Jesus nourishes us with the bread of life. Having received from Jesus, we are expected to give something in return- not to him but to one another, for it is not meant to be one -way traffic. The Eucharist can never be separated from the washing of feet. Since we are remarkably dependent on one another, we need other people in our lives for support, affirmation, encouragement, and companionship. There is a lot of loneliness in today’s society that is neck-deep in individualism, and it is only through service, communion and companionship that we can conquer. The Eucharist offers us the gifts of service, communion, and companionship in a lonely world. The word ‘companion’ is a lovely word. It comes from two Latin words: ‘cum’ which means with, and ‘panis’ which means bread. So a companion literally means someone with whom I share bread. It is not everyone that you enjoy a meal with. Not everyone that you invite in for a cup of tea. There has to be a bond. And that bond is deepened by the sharing of food and drink.
In Christ Jesus we are bonded, in the Most Holy Eucharist we share the bread of life and drink the cup of salvation as companions on the journey.
Happy feast day
Your brother in Christ,
Fr. Cosmas

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