Thank You!

Here is a picture of Nathan Wattie holding the card he received in the mail this week from our parish.  He was beyond excited to get mail.

The family and Nathan want to thank everyone for their prayers and for their generous donations that were collected  to help with expenses during Nathan’s treatment.

Donations collected after masses: $3045.00

E-transfers sent to the family directly: $550.00

Facebook fundraiser created during our 2 week collection: $410.95

Total amount raised and given to the family: $4005.95

Here is an update  received from his mother Lyn last evening:

Nathan went in for bloodwork today. The BMT Dr. just called. Good news this time, there are no B cells evident in his blood at all – the car-t is working!! Nathan’s cancer is in his B cells so no B cells means no cancer!! He still needs to go in regularly for bloodwork and checkups until he goes for more thorough testing in 2 weeks. If all continues to go well we can come home!

 This is amazing news!! We are so happy for Nathan and his family!

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